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Circus of the Damned;; An Original Anita Blake RPG

Addison V. Clarke

All vampires shall be seen as legal citizens of the United States. That's right! No more secrets. The world of vampires, lycans, and witches has been revealed and furthermore, accepted! They walk among us in everyday life as our neighbors, co-workers, and even our bosses. It's strange how the old horror stories have come to reality; although, they were wrong about a few things. Not all of them are hostile; some are actually pretty nice. Of course, there are those that thirst for blood...err...well, you know what I mean. It's always a smart idea to watch your back, or neck, just in case.

Be sure to proceed with caution...
...or this may be your final act.


Hey everyone and welcome to the official wiki page of Circus of the Damned! Within this Wiki you'll find all the information you need about our species and the Anitaverse. But before you get started, please become familiar with our rules and regulations. This is also where you'll find the codeword needed when you create an application.

Who are we?

Circus of the Damned is a semi-literate to literate alternate universe (AU) Anita Blake roleplaying community.

When are we?

We are set during the present year of 2013. The story plotline will follow real time events (this includes seasons, holidays, ect.) Some holidays and such may be extended due to site-wide events or plot purposes.

So, what's the plot?

Currently everyone is trapped within New Orleans. You can come in, but you can't leave. A witch and a necromancer have set up barriers around the city, the witch's circle keeping in all living and the necromancer's circle keeping in anything dead/undead. This also means that random zombies are rising from the grave without anyone summoning them. They are all recently dead within the last fifty years. The issue? No on is controlling them and many of them weren't plain humans when they died. Lycanthropes, animators, witches, voodon priests and priestesses, were all laid to rest in the last fifty years and so, are uncontrollable.

Jeremiah Evans, previous Ulfric and Lieutenant of RPIT led an assault against the zombies but their witch has placed a curse on many of them that went to fight them. They are trapped in a coma until our witches on site either find a reversal/cure for the curse or the witch is dead. When both the necromancer and witch have been found and killed than the circles around the city will break, animators and necromancers will be able to send the zombies back to their resting place if all are not yet dead.

What makes us different than others?

  • Friendly staff always around to cure boredom or answer questions.
  • In-character and out-of-character chatboxes (both premium).
  • A unique and interactive powers system that allows you to choose or create your abilities!
  • An open plot to allow for character development so no one feels left out.
  • Zero tolerance for drama.
  • Many leader positions still open.
  • Set in the vibrant city of New Orleans!

Our Lovely Species!


Copyright for the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series and all that encompasses it is given directly to Laurell K. Hamilton. We do not take credit for any of the species, locations, characters, or plotlines that Hamilton has already created. The ideas and concepts of her amazing literature are brought to life in an alternate universe on this forum - a place where fans can come to roleplay and live as if they were in her world.

The Administration at Circus of the Damned claims copyright over species ranks, powers, and information that are not specified in the Anita Blake series.

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