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Witches are humans with magical talent focused through a variety of rituals. Most witches are either neutral or good. They usually practice the Wiccan way of life, but are not strictly bound to the Wiccan path. There are others, such as the Egyptian witches, but most follow Wicca as it is the most common. There are other types of crafts too; including Vodoun/Voodoo (discussed below), but most witches relate their powers to nature in some way.

Some lycan groups tends to take in a witch as part of their group, although the practice is somewhat outdated. In most cases, they are the Vargamors to the werewolf Packs. They assist the Pack but stay neutral with Pack conflicts.

A Witch's familiar is similar to a human servant to a vampire. There is a connection between a Witch and an animal or reptile that cannot be broken unless by death. When a Witch's familiar is near, their powers and magic are magnified because of the increased feeling of security and familiarity.

There are three levels of ranking for witches/sorcerers. These levels (in ascending order) are:

  • Apprentice (New)
  • Novice (Intermediate)
  • Elitist (Master)


Sorcerers are generally bloodline oriented, meaning the powers of Sorcery is passed down through familial genetics. Though this is the most prominent way to become a Sorcerer, it is not the only way. A Witch who has decided to renounce their ties to nature and good may deflect to Sorcery upon having a Sorcerer guide them through their metamorphosis (see Metas below). Most often than not, Sorcerers are seen as and are evil, those who walk along the left hand path. Sorcery can include Voodoo or Vodoun practices much like Witchcraft or Wicca can, though it is a much eviler form of the practices. Not all Sorcerers are strictly evil or do evil things, though having Sorcerer powers or practicing Sorcery can lead the person to doing evil or bad things.

Unlike their Witchy counterparts, Sorcerer's magic isn't wholly based on nature, but on manipulation of things, people, or animals. They do however have powers that manipulate nature and the elements in their own way. Sorcerers do not follow the Witches' Creed, nor do they believe in the Rule of Three.

A Sorcerer's familiar is similar to a human servant to a vampire. There is a connection between a Sorcerer and an animal or reptile that cannot be broken unless by death. When a Sorcerer's familiar is near, their powers and magic are magnified because of the increased feeling of security and familiarity.


Hybrid Witches/Sorcerers are extremely rare, and as such we will only be allowing a total of Three (3), one for each power level: Apprentice, Novice, and Elitist. You can check to see if there is a Hybrid spot open by checking the What We're Looking For thread. A Hybrid is a person with a Witch bloodline and a Sorcerer bloodline, likely from their parents or their grandparents, though the magic gene could be latent if explained well in the history. Having both bloodlines allows for the Hybrid to wield both Witch and Sorcerer powers. You may use any combination of powers that you would like, though they cannot exceed 50% of Witch powers, and 50% of Sorcerer powers. This means that if you are an Elitist and you cap out at 13 powers, you may have 6 Witch powers and 6 Sorcerer powers with 1 power added to either side; meaning there would be 7 Witch powers and 6 Sorcerer powers, so your character would lean more towards the Witchy side of their blood, or with 6 Witch powers and 7 Sorcerer powers they would lean towards the Sorcerer side of their blood.


Chameleons are those that take an interest in their opposites, say a Witch takes an interest in Sorcery, or a Sorcerer takes an interest in Wicca. When this happens the Witch or Sorcerer can gain up to two (2) powers from their opposites. The Witch or Sorcerer must have someone from their opposites to guide and teach them in the way of their version of the Craft or Sorcery, and it must be done in threads over a period of time no shorter than thirty days per power, so sixty days for both powers. The Witch or Sorcerer does not need to have the blood of their opposite in their family genetics like Hybrids do, though a blood exchange between the Witch or Sorcerer and their opposite must be done in a ritualistic manner, also role played through threading together. Without the blood of their opposite, they cannot learn the new powers. When it comes to auras and power/energy sensing, the Chameleon will still 'feel' like their original bloodline to others, but when they use their new powers their aura will be tinged with another color, either darker for Sorcerer, or lighter for Witch, and their energy/power will feel a bit different, heavier for Sorcerer, lighter for Witch. New powers must be purchased with post points like all other powers, which can be done in the Powers Request thread.


Metas, short for Metamorphosis, are those that decide that they would be much better off as one of their opposites, or they have been corrupted to join the other side. This means that a Witch has decided to become a Sorcerer, or a Sorcerer has decided to become a Witch. Like the Chameleons, Metas don't need to have the bloodline of their opposite in their family genetics, but they must go through a blood exchange during a ritual to be brought fully over into the other side. The person the Witch or Sorcerer has blood bonded with will be held responsible for anything the Witch or Sorcerer does, and will be punished if the new Witch or Sorcerer betrays them. The metamorphosis costs seventy-five (75) post points, and once the metamorphosis has been completed, it is permanent. So think long and hard before you make this decision. The code template for the metamorphosis is in the Powers Request thread.


Although they are not present in the Anita Blake series, we have decided to implement covens into the witches/sorcerers. Four Covens will be allowed, two for Witches, and two for Sorcerers. Each Coven must have a minimum of five members to be considered as a functional and working Coven. At minimum each Coven must have one of each element representation to form a full circle for rituals.

As is custom with covens, each member relates most to an element. The five elements are: Spirit, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Upon apping a witch/sorcerer, you will be asked to give your character an element they feel most drawn to. Be sure the element you want isn't taken by visiting the What We're Looking For thread. If it is, please choose another.

Each Coven has a hierarchy, though the names for positions or ranks range depending on the Coven and the path(s) they follow. Because these positions are so vast in names, we have decided to make general terms and depending on what your Coven decides to believe in, you may request the terms to be changed for your Coven's profile tags. Below are the general positions we have available for each Coven:

Coven Hierarchy

High Priest or Priestess - The Coven Leader; generally the most powerful the Coven has to offer. Must be an Elitist to have this position.
Priest or Priestess - The Second in Command, so to speak, the one that takes over if the High Priest or Priestess cannot for whatever reason. They are usually very close to the High Priest or Priestess and has been learning beneath them for some time. Typically an Elitist position, though Novices that have proved themselves to the High Priest or Priestess may attain this position.
Summoner - A very special and trusted person who calls all of the Coven members to a ritual, holiday, or meeting. They are the ones who keep the listing of each member's phone numbers, addresses, and anything else for emergency purposes. They are also tasked with speaking to the other Covens in the area, knowing about them and their members, and keeping tabs on them for the High Priest or Priestess. This position can be held by a Novice or higher, though it is not impossible for anApprentice to impress the High Priest or Priestess enough to be gifted with the title.
Acolyte - Someone who has been hand picked by the High Priest or Priestess to help with ceremonies, rituals, and circle castings. They are the ones who set up for the event, lighting candles, gathering the supplies needed for the spell, curse, or ritual being performed. They are also the person to anoint the members with the ritualistic oils before allowing them to enter the circle where the ritual is being performed. It is on them to keep the ritual space clean and in perfect order and organization, failure to do so can bring negative energy into a space and keep the spell, curse, or ritual from working properly. This position is given strictly to Novicesor higher, though an Apprentice may follow the Novice around to learn how they do things, and may help a bit if it agreed upon by the High Priest or Priestess.
King/Queen - A High Priest or Priestess who has meshed or combined their Coven with another Coven and has taken on the name of the other Coven. They lose their High Priest or Priestess rank, but are still held in high esteem and looked fondly upon for uniting two Covens to become stronger.

Coven Rules 

  • In the United States it is illegal to initiate a person under the age of eighteen (18) due to the possibility of negative things happening. Therefor each character within a Coven must be eighteen years or older.
  • When applying to be in a certain Coven on the site, it works a bit differently than with the other species and their groups. You are not automatically in the Coven, you must go through meeting the High Priest or Priestess, and they must accept you and perform an initiation ceremony to bring you fully into their Coven. Covens are quite exclusive and secretive, so you must do the work to be in one!
  • Once in a Coven, very rarely can you leave one. To do so you must petition the High Priest or Priestess and they must agree to let you leave, another ritual similar to the initiation must be performed, except instead of an initiation it is a banishment from the Coven. Once you leave a Coven it is not likely you will ever be welcomed again.
  • Covens may join one another, or mesh, but once they do they become one solid Coven and do not retain their old name, the Hierarchy must then be re-established. To mesh two Covens, it must be a 75% agreed upon vote by each Coven's members, and a ritual of initiation must be performed on each member moving into the new Coven.
  • Initiation and Banishment rituals must be written up by the High Priest or Priestess, and must be role played out completely in a thread. You may initiate or banish more than one person in a ritual at one time.
  • Each High Priest or Priestess must have their own Leadership set of rules written up and posted in the Group Rules and Punishments section of the site before members are gained so that everyone is clear on what they are getting into.

These rules and regulations are subject to change as any of the rules and regulations on the site are depending on the whim of the Administration. Please check back often to see if there have been any changes, though typically a PM will be sent out to let everyone know.

Solitary Witches/Sorcerers

A Solitary Witch or Sorcerer is one that practices alone, without the aid of a Coven or Circle. They are generally focused on their own paths of enlightenment, Craft, and Sorcery. They do sometimes join other Solitary Witches or Sorcerers for Holidays and Ceremonial Rituals from time to time if the mood or need strikes them, but do not join in for normal weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly/monthly rituals.

Rituals, Spells, Curses, and You

There are many ways to cast a circle, and most Witches and Sorcerers have created their own personal way to cast one, though Covens typically have a default ritual for group meetings. Generally the Witch or Sorcerer would have five candles lit and put on the floor, or candle holders, tables, etc. One for each of the five elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, all placed in the direction that the element is known for: Earth in the West, Air in the North, Fire in the East, Water in the South, and Spirit in the middle where the Witch or Sorcerer would be performing the ritual, spell, or curse. Though these are the general or default directions, they are not necessarily set in stone, to each Witch or Sorcerer they can differ. The candles typically coincide with a color as well, Green for Earth, Yellow for Air, Red for Fire, Blue for Water, White for Spirit, though these too are subject to what the Witch or Sorcerer feels is right for them. Often times a Witch or Sorcerer will have a physical representation for the element sitting at the base of their candle because they feel that this helps the magick to work more. A physical representation for each element could be something like: Sand for Earth, a Feather for Air, the Candle lit for Fire its self, a Bowl of Water for Water, and something Personal like a necklace or scarf for Spirit. Again, these are dependent on the Witch or Sorcerer.

The High Priest or Priestess will then speak their written ritualistic words as they walk the area of their circle clockwise, chanting their words, stopping at each element to request it's visitation to their circle while lighting the candles. This opens the Circle.

A Solitary Witch typically doesn't use anointing oil to enter their own Circle, though they can, but a Coven generally does. The type of oil they use can vary, depending on what they are attempting with their ritual, spell, or curse. When the members of a Coven enter into the circle, the Acolyte of the Coven will anoint their forehead with the oil in the shape of a pentagram and ask the question: 'How do you enter this Circle?', the member would then respond with 'In perfect love and perfect trust.' And then they may enter. The words spoken between the Acolyte and the members vary from Coven to Coven, and of course between Witches and Sorcerers.

Once all members have entered the Circle, the High Priest or Priestess will close the circle around them with an athame, or a ritualistic dagger, and will proceed with the ritual, spell, or curse at hand. Once they are finished, the High Priest or Priestess will then walk the Circle once more, but counter-clockwise this time, thanking the elements for their manifestation within their circle, blowing out the candles as they pass by that direction. Once the High priest or Priestess has finished walking the Circle, the circle has been closed, and everyone is free to leave.

Most magickal workings such as rituals, spells, curses, potions, etc. are done while in a casted Circle, it helps infuse the working with the Witch or Sorcerer's magick and makes it much stronger than it would be without the Circle. Sometimes if the Witch or Sorcerer isn't strong enough, magickal workings done outside of a Circle will not work at all.

Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows, or a Grimoire, is a book created by a Witch or Sorcerer that contains the sum of their magickal knowledge, including spells, curses, herbs, potions, salves, and even information about other species and how to handle them in different manners. Think Charmed, if you have seen the show. Both Solitary and Coven Witches or Sorcerers generally have a B.O.S. or Grimoire, and they are extremely protected, kept out of the public eye and away from enemy Covens. Coven Witches or Sorcerers will have a Coven made B.O.S. or Grimoire, as well as their own personal one. They can range from being a simple spiral bound notebook, to being something ancient and passed down through their family for generations.

Useful Information

for roleplaying a witch or sorcerer

Because there isn't a ton of information in the Anita Blake books about Witches and Sorcerers, we have created a lot of our terms and beings ourselves with help from different outside sources such as Wikipedia and the like. Below are a couple sites that we have found helpful for terminology and for information, none of them should be taken seriously or as 'law', each Witch or Sorcerer has their own beliefs and practices, this is just to help anyone who wishes to make a Witch or Sorcerer character but doesn't know much about the magickal community.

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