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Vampires are a very complex race in the Anitaverse. The highlights of their species are given below. Please read all of the information we have provided here, and if you have any further questions, forward them to the Administration.



Vampires are blood-drinking former humans who have been infected and turned at some point in their life. After their human death, they have risen to prey on the blood of the living.They have varying degrees of power individually and as part of society, both on their own and more recently in general. They also have weaknesses and although long-lived, they are not immortal and can be killed. They do not age, but they can put on muscle and grow their hair. They live in groups of varying sizes. These groups are known as a Kiss outside of the Vampire Court, and they are controlled by a powerful master vampire. These vampires may consist of a combination of both unrelated and related individuals and may come from more than one bloodline. (A related group shares a common bloodline.) This group may be stationary - settled, or it may be nomadic - roaming. Most groups are of the mixed, settled variety. When this master vampire controls a large territory as well as a group of vampires, the vampire is known as the Master of the City. These territories are generally granted by the Vampire Council, though they may be also be taken by force. The Master is also ultimately responsible to both the Human Law and the Vampire Council for whatever the vampires in his Kiss do. By drinking the blood of a more powerful master vampire a physic link is created between the vampires and it gives the stronger one some measure of control over the weaker ones. This is known as a blood oath. This bond is similar to but not as binding or strong as that between a vampire and one of its 'children'. This oath allows the Master to 'know' what most of his group are doing, it also allow him to contact them in case of emergencies, and to both draw and give power to them.

Kiss Ranks

Master of the City - Leader of the Kiss
Temoin - A Master of the City's second-in-command
Tertius - A Master of the City's third-in-command

Vampire Terminiology

Master Vampire - A vampire with enough inner or personal power to be able to rise from the day death by his/her own will/strength. (Other vampires are able to rise from the day death from their sires power. If their sire dies, there is a strong chance the vampire will not be able to awake from the day death.) **For purposes of Circus of the Damned, a minimum age of 300 years, maximum age of 800 years has been set for any master vampires.**
Sourdre de Sang - Translation: 'Fountain of Blood'. The source of a vampire bloodline. A vampire that has become strong enough that they no longer have to obey their maker and thus can found their own line of vampires. (Rare)
Pomme de Sang - Translation: 'Apple of Blood'. A sobriquet for a human or lycanthrope that has become a willing food source for a vampire. The vampire is duty bound to protect this person from harm.
Master of the City - A Master vampire who is strong enough to control other vampires in a territory. Lesser masters have to ask permission to stay in the city. This vampire is answerable to the Vampire Council.
Stalking Horse - A vampire who acts as a front for another more powerful vampire drawing challenges to that vampire's power base.

Facts About Vampires


  • They must drink fresh blood regularly to keep healthy. The blood can come from humans, lycanthropes, or magical creatures such as necromancers.
  • Animal blood won't work. They will begin to rot if this is all that they drink.
  • They cannot eat physical food, though they can experience the taste of food through human servants. They can drink small amounts of other liquids such as wine.
  • They cannot survive off the blood of the dead either, E.G. that of other vampires and zombies.
  • After feeding, their usually pale skin becomes flushed and healthy-looking.
  • Vampires cannot starve to death, though they will wither and appear frail after periods of prolonged fasting. This is often used as punishment. After a period of this prolonged fasting, the vampire must be treated carefully in order to bring it back to health. It is not always fully successful.
  • Some vampires can feed on other things than blood. These include emotions such as fear and lust.


  • New vampires are made by other vampires feeding from humans. It usually takes three bites with the last bite resulting in the death of the human. The age at which they were turned, is the age that they remain in their 'afterlife.
  • The bloodlines of Vampirism do not specifically relate to the leaders of the Vampire Council. Most commonly the fountainhead of a bloodline is one of the Vampire council since it is extremely hard for a vampire to become a sourdre de sang.
  • The bloodline your vampire is in does not mean that the fountainhead of that bloodline had to turn you. It simply means that your vampire’s sire was of that specific bloodline. For instance; Shay Wilde was sired by Emry Keller. Emry Keller is of The Traveler’s bloodline. This in turn makes Shay Wilde of The Traveler’s line.


  • Their fangs are fixed - they do not retract or extend. They are also very sharp. New vampires find it difficult to smile and NOT flash their fangs.
  • They can use a form of 'glamor' to make themselves look more appealing, hide flaws etc. It requires them to use some of their personal power.
  • They can strip their physical humanity away - this usually means shrinking their skin onto their bones and becoming skeletal, with glowing veins and eyes. This varies with the vampire.
  • Vampires smell slightly metallic and reptilian.

General Abilities

  • They are stronger than humans. Their senses of hearing and smell are also more acute.
  • They can move very quietly, and very quickly - even the newborns.
  • The older they are, generally the less human they move and appear. Some older vampires use their speed and mind tricks to make it seem like they can disappear or teleport.
  • Vampires can move without a humans eyes or ears registering it. This is a combination of speed and the ability to cloud the human mind.
  • Vampires have the ability to remain completely still, expressionless, and silent. New vampires learn this as they age, while older vampires use this often for effect.

Night Treaders

  • They 'die' at dawn - their soul leaves their body, and whatever force that animates them releases the body - and rise at dusk. The more powerful ones can wake before the sun sets or delay the dawn death if well protected from the sunlight.
  • When they die for the day, they still have a heartbeat to keep their blood moving - it is just very very very slow.
  • Sunlight is harmful to them. Brief exposures causes severe burns and anything more can result in spontaneous combustion. Vampires burn very hotly when this happens and there is very little left.
  • There are a few 'daywalkers'. These vampires can walk in the sunlight.

Human Connections

  • Humans who like vampires and like to be bitten by them are called 'freaks'.
  • When a vampire both rolls the mind of a human and bites them, he binds them to him, making it easier for the vampire to cloud or control their mind, making them slaves. A second bite enforces the connection, making even strong willed people succumb. With this bond, the vampire can call the human to them at any time. The bite can be cleansed or purified by pouring Holy Water onto it - the process usually takes three bottles of Holy Water applied over several days, though it can be done all at once. It is a painful process; it burns the skin like acid. Once the bite is purified, a cross is pressed to the wound. It will sear and scar the flesh if the bite is not clean enough. Even doing this is no guarantee the bond will be fully broken if the vampire is very powerful.
  • Master Vampires can have what is referred to as a human servant. This is where a bond is created between the two that indefinitely binds them to each other.
  • Some vampires can survive their human servant being killed, while others die with them or go insane, the outcome may depend on how long they have been together.


  • Vampires cannot enter a person's home without invitation. If an invitation is revoked, the vampire is pushed out of the home by an unseen force.
  • Are allergic to silver, holy water, and holy items.
  • The Church of Eternal Life - a vampire church. It is the first church to guarantee eternal life and prove that it can deliver it. The members must be over 18 to join.
  • Vampire Gangs - There are gangs of vampires.
  • The Catholic Church sees voluntary vampirism as a form of suicide.

Vampire Myths

  • They can assume the shapes of animals.
  • They have no reflections and cannot see themselves in a mirror or other reflective surface.
  • They are repulsed by garlic.
  • They cannot be seen in photos.

Methods to Kill a Vampire 

After vampires become legal citizens, a license is required for vampire hunting through the state, just as doctors and teachers are. They must also have a court order of execution, otherwise it's considered murder. The older the vampire, the harder it is to kill. Some younger vampires can be killed by a simple bullet to the head or chest.

Younger Vampires

  • Cut off the head and removed the heart, burn the body and scatter the ashes in separate areas.
  • Pierce or otherwise destroy the heart, the stake must be left in place - this is difficult and messy
  • Fire - best method for Rotting Vampire form
  • An injection of silver nitrate into the blood stream
  • If you kill a master vampire, none of the younger, non-master vampires bound to them will rise at the next sunset.

Older Vampires

  • Masters and long lived vampires can survive a massive wound to the heart.
  • Older vamps can also survive a bullet to the head - they can still be alive even if most of the brain is gone.
  • They must be able to feed or pull power from their followers to heal.
  • The greater the size of their Kiss the more damage they can withstand.
  • Rotting vampires, those that can cause their bodies to rot, must be burned to ensure that they are truly dead. They can withstand multiple bullets, and being fully dismembered.

Vampire Council

The Vampire Council acts as the governing body of the vampires, and as a court or police. It is located in far-off France, near Paris. The council members are the first and oldest vampires, the most powerful. Sourde de Sangs or founders of vampire lines. These council members are masters at finding that which terrifies you most and using it against you. They will use your desires against you and twist everything you are into a shape of their choosing. They are the nightmare on which all vampires are based. The thing that even other vampires fear. And to top it off they hate each other a lot. It consists of seven powerful vampires plus the first vampire - The Sweet Mother. The current Council leader is the Queen of Nightmares. Their purpose is to rule and pass judgment over the actions of all the vampires in the world. They punish or destroy any of the vampire-kind who draw unwanted attention to the undead ranks. The primary rule among vampires is: "Thou shalt not draw attention to thyself."

Bloodlines of Vampirism

Belle Morte

Beautiful Death - Lust

This bloodline gives rise to the "kitu CRM ierey vampires" in the Anitaverse. Abilities in this bloodline include the power to induce lust from a distance, the ability to feed on lust, and the power to enhance their physical beauty. All members of Belle-Morte's bloodline tend to be selected for their beauty, and some of the vampires in her line are visited by the ardeur, becoming incubi or succubi that need to feed off of lust as well as blood, but able to also project the ardeur to control others.

Morte d’Amour

The Lover of Death – Rotting

This is a rotting vampire bloodline, meaning they can appear to decompose even to the point of becoming skeletal, as well as the ability to cause corruption with a bite. All vampires with either ability appear to be of this bloodline. They can feed off of death and may be possessed by an insatiable desire to kill. This bloodline is also responsible for the ancient tales of vampires being corpse-like in appearance.

The Traveler


The name of the starter of this blood-line is unknown and he is known as the Traveller. This vampire's biggest ability was to manipulate the mind and powers. Vampires of this bloodline have been known to feed from others, lend powers, possess weaker vampires, and even shield others form seeing them. They are the more 'magical' of all the vampire lines.


Master of Beasts

Although Padma was the weakest member of the Vampire Council, her bloodline possess very unique and powerful abilities. All of these abilities relate in some way or fashion to animals, whether they be wild animals or lycanthropes. The ability to call and command animals, force lycan shifts, read animal/lycan minds, and feed from animals/lycans are all powers within this blood-line.



This bloodline originally stems off of Belle Morte’s line. Morvoren, the fountainhead of the line, gained enough power to gain this. This is the fear bloodline. Nighthags stem from this line. They have the ability to draw power from fear, to feed from fear. Where ever these vampires go, there will always be a small feeling of dread surrounding them.

The Dragon


An ancient bloodline, The Dragon originally sired many of her ‘children’ in the early Roman times. This bloodline centers on anger. Wars were often seen in the Roman times and The Dragon sired many warriors out of anger. Those of this bloodline have strong tempers and often find themselves having trouble keeping their anger in check. Some masters of this line gain the ability to draw all energy from other vampires, killing them permanently.

The Earthmover


The original fountainhead of The Earthmover’s line has passed. His line still exists though in those that he sired. These vampires tend to have a connection to the earth. This line was named for the original fountainhead having been able to cause earthquakes where ever he pleased. No vampire since has had this ability to that extent. Strong master vampires of this line have been known to be able to move small amounts of land around them though.

Queen of Nightmares


Little is known of this line. The fountainhead is currently the leader of the vampire council. The stronger of those in her line have been known to cause chaos. The types of chaos created all depend on the type of vampire that holds the power to create it. A few master vampires have even been known to dream walk into human’s dreams and manipulate them.

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