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UPDATED ON: 04.07.2013

First of all, welcome! Now, yes...I know everyone is eager to jump right into roleplaying, but to make sure this site doesn't get shut down, we all have to read and follow a few simple rules. I won't draw them out, just short and to the point. Also, within the rules, you will find the codeword that is required in order for your application to be accepted.


  1. Respect everyone.
    - This means everyone: administration, members, and guests.
  2. Post length must be at least 300 words. 
    - If you have trouble coming up with the minimum, try describing the scene, how the character is feeling, and/or an action they are doing. Refer to our 'Tips for Posting' thread for a more detailed tutorial.

  3. Use proper grammar and spelling.
    - We are a semi-literate to literate forum; spell-check, capitalization, and periods are your friends.

  4. Applications are accepted by the 'guru' of the species.
    - This means that you must be patient with them while they look at your application. They will PM your MAIN ACCOUNT with any corrections that you need to do if you need any done. Please do not contact anyone other than the species guru that your application falls under, they cannot veto or override your guru's decisions on your application, nor will they. They will merely re-direct you to your guru. Continuing to ask other staff members about your application will result in your application being denied.

  5. Main Account required upon joining.
    - Each member must have an OOC account using your name EXACTLY as you will or do use it in the OOC chatbox. You must make this account for your application to be looked at by the guru. However when posting your character application still use your CHARACTER ACCOUNT. The info on who plays the character will be at the bottom of the template. The main account is where all important PM's from staff will be sent!

  6. Must have a first and last name as display name, and it also must be in proper grammar.
    - I.E: Nicholas Anderson not NiCk1234; you may also include a middle names if you wish.

  7. One character per account.
    - We only allow one character per account made on Circus of the Damned. You are allowed to have as many characters as you wish, but there is a two week waiting period between each character creation. During this grace period, you must be active with all previous characters in order to have another approved. Over-activity during this time is definitely a good idea. Also, Jcink offers a friendly sub-account service. While you're on your main account, go to the top right navigation bar, click 'My Controls,' then scroll down and under where it says 'Personal Profile' click 'Edit Subaccounts.' Then just type in the username and password of your character accounts and link them. Then you can use the 'Switch Accounts' drop down in the top left navigation bar.

  8. Do not God-mod or powerplay.
    - Control only your character and keep their abilities realistic and within regulation. Powers must be requested in our 'Powers Request Board' 

  9. There will be weekly activity checks.
    - Activity on a roleplaying site is crucial for a successful site. In order to be considered active, the following criteria must be met:

    Leaders/Rank Holders: Posting THREE TIMES every TWO WEEKS.
    Regular Members: Posting ONCE a WEEK.

    The staff will be checking the leader's activity as well as factions that don't have a leader. The same system is valid.

    If a thread has not been active for a month, the staff will move the thread to the inactive archives. If you would like the thread moved back out, PM the admin account.

    • Regular members who do not hold to the one post per week minimum will receive the following consequences:
      1. Warning PM sent to member.
      2. Two weeks without posting will result in one expensive power being deducted from the member's application and profile. No refund will be given.
      3. Threes weeks without posting will result in a second expensive power being deducted from the member's application and profile. No refund will be given.
      4. Four weeks without posting will result in the member's character application and posts being archived, and their account deleted for inactivity.

    • Leaders are in charge of looking after their faction's activity. This includes rogues and members of the clan. If a site member in your faction is inactive, please administer the following consequences:
      1. Warning PM sent to member from faction leader.
      2. Stripped of title if rank holder OR removal of highest power
      3. Deletion

  10. There is a 2-week interval between apping new characters under you.
    - This means that if you have 3 characters and you're wishing to add a 4th, you must wait 2 weeks before apping the new character. This is to ensure that you can handle your current characters and keep them up to activity requirements. Being overactive is a good idea! (Hint hint!)

    However, if you have 3 characters, and decide to shelve one, you do not have to wait the two weeks, given that you were active with the one you shelved. This is because technically you have already proved you can be active and can handle 3 characters so there is no need to be on the two week probation.

  11. Follow Jcink Terms of Service
    - You should have read them when you registered to our site. 

    Our site has a rating of PG-13; however, we know Anita Blake has quite a bit of mature content. We ask that you 'fade to black' when material becomes beyond our rating, and if you would like to still RP it out, make plans to do so somewhere off of the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  12. All abuse, rape, mental instability, or extreme violence must be approved by the staff BEFORE the application is posted.
    - This kind of material is known as 'trigger' content. In order to stay within regulation and make sure it is PG-13 appropriate, you must PM the Administration account with your idea. Unless it is absolutely vital to the character, be prepared for it to be rejected. If an application is posted with this material and the user has not contacted the staff, the application will be deleted.

  13. Only 33% of apps within a faction can be minors!
    - As we have recently had a great deal of minor apps lately (ages below 18), we have decided to do a cap on them so some particular species don't get overwhelmed. At first we thought about making this a site-wide cap, but it is likely the minor would want to congregate together and that wouldn't be fair to leaders to have a majority of their factions be underage. To divvy up the responsibility, we are implementing a cap that 33% of each faction can be minors. This makes sense in that large groups would have more while smaller groups would have less.

  14. Keep signatures and avatars appropriate sizes.
    - Avatars and signatures MUST be kept at a size where they will not stretch the board. It doesn't matter what size you make your avatar (No larger than 200 x 300!) just as long as they don't stretch the board. Signatures should be kept at a normal size (no larger than 600x300). Also, please co de w or d - 'oodoov' keep in mind that this is a PG-13 site. That means no nudity.

  15. All roleplaying must be in 3rd person.
    - I.E: "He walked to the store" not "I walked tot he store."

  16. If roleplaying with more than one person, keep a posting order.
    - Person 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, ect. (so no one feels discouraged or left out).

  17. Keep all personal drama, conflicts, or disagreements out of the chatbox and off of the site.
    - There is a ZERO tolerance for drama. We all meet people we aren't particularly fond of or have conflicting views with. While that is expected within a community like this, please keep all negative or conflicting comments out of the chatboxes and off of the site. It's fine if your characters are enemies, but please keep things civil out-of-character. It makes others uncomfortable, creates tension on the site, and makes us look bad to potential members.

  18. NPC Account
    - In order to allow for others to play random NPC's (non-player characterss) in a character's history, we have created a communal NPC account. This account is for anyone's use to post as an NPC in a character's plot. Please do not abuse this account!

    Username: npc
    Password: npccotd

  19. Lastly, HAVE FUN!
    - This site is meant to be a fun place for you guys to create friends and character relationships with others. These rules are meant to keep this place running smoothly and comfortably for all.


Violations against any of the above rules will result in:

  • 1st Offense:
A warning will be sent to your character accounts explaining the rule you broke and what will happen if you receive another offense.

  • 2nd Offense:
1. If you use the chatbox, your chatbox privileges (in character and out of character) will be stripped for 2 weeks.
2. If you don't use the chatbox, your character will be banned from the site for 1 week.
These sentences may be lessened depending on the rule violated, but jurisdiction of punishment is left up to the Administration.

  • 3rd Offense:
Three strikes, you're out! Your account(s) will be deleted and you will be banned permanently from the site.

**These rules are subject to change at any time. Please be sure to check back occasionally to keep up to date on what is expected of you and to see if the codeword has changed!**

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