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All lycans have these abilities. For more specific species information, refer to our lycanthrope species page!


General Lycanthrope Information

Lycanthrope - via New Latin, from Greek lukanthrōpos, from lukos wolf + anthrōpos man. Only the Anita-verse takes it a few steps further. Canines, Cats, Snakes, Rats, these are all things that a Lycan can be. They have a human form and an animal form. Though, if you are an Alpha of your species than you have a hybrid from which stands taller than your human, has human flesh on the chest with animal fur covering the rest of your body. Also your face resembles your animal, yes you would have a tail. But you stand on two legs. Many lycan these days are even able to transform just a small part of their body. Eyes, ears, hands to their animal. Changing between the forms takes energy and for many can be very painful. Often the shift is not long and going to animal form you need to hunt and feed after shifting. Going to human form you will most often need sleep for a couple hours. If you try to shift within two (2) hours of being in your animal form than often you will enter a sleep "coma" that will last for ten to fourteen (10-14) hours. Lycans who spend a lot of time in their animal form will begin to develope features in their human form. Such as eyes of their animal being in their human form, hair matching fur color and sometimes texture, claws on your hands at all times. If a lycan spends more time in animal form than in human form then slowly they start to lose their mind. They start to become the beast. This is called becoming feral. It is possible to come back from it with the help of a very strong lycan but you will always sometimes think like a beast though the human is able to override it. One area where you are not able to override the beast is if you are born with Mowgli Syndrome. This illness is when a lycan parent (while in full animal or hybrid form) becomes impregnanted or impregnants a human parents. The pregnancy lasts as long as the animal the lycan parent was and when the babe is born they have features such as eyes and hair color of their beast.

Do not be confused between Shape Shifters and Lycanthropes. Where lycans have to shift on the night of the full moon shifters do not. Their shifts are also often smoother than lycans and less painful. Swanmanes are shifters for instance. Also a witch or sorcerer can have a curse placed on them that they have to turn into a Shifter of some sort. The animal depends on the one who placed the curse. Though being a cursed shifter when a witch or sorcerer your magical powers are often diluted or nulled. If you are an animal shifter you are either born or cursed by a witch or sorcerer. Often shifters are not as strong as lycans or as resiliant or even have the same level as far as the senses go. It is theorized that it is this way so that is to balance out that their shifts are often easier than that of the lycans and also, unless forced by a stronger shifter their shift isn't forced by anything other than themself.

Also keep in mind. If a lycan or shifter is born from two lycan parents then they will have eyes and hair color that match their beast. Often they also have teeth that match their animal. Though keep in mind. For a pregnancy to go to term than it is complicated. Someone must be willing to take the beast of the pregnant female, often it must be one of their own kind. This can fail sometimes and so pregnancies will be lost due to the shift to beast form is too traumatic on the body and the female will miscarry. Tiger to Tiger taking of the beast is the only one that has been perfected. Also the female that is pregnant will be tired all the time and hungry and even appear sick.


Lycanthopes' fluids, most often blood, is conatagious to anyone human, though this is only so when they are in animal or hybrid form. With lycans now being known to the public they have come up with a lycanthrope vaccine that is supposed to make it so you can't get lycanthrope. However it is possible to get a bad batch of it which in turn will give you lycanthrope rather than keep you from it.


For brand new lycans there are a few things that happen. When first infected, the month of your first full moon you will feel ill. High fever, body cramps, and being tired nearly all the time. The week of the moon it will all get worse. Your first night of shift will be agonizing. It will take hours, sometimes all night, and you won't remember it once your human mind blacks out due to the pain of your bones and muscles changing. It will take months for your mind to retain itself to remember what you do while in your animal form. For a more experienced shifter the raising of temperature happens three days before the full moon. Your emotions also get stronger and they can cause you to shift. As you get older at being a lycan your shift can become smoother and quicker and sometimes even less painful to little pain at all. After your shift you body is always clean, a clear gooy liquid will coat what was near you however including people. For newer lycans you are often drowsy after your first few shifts to beast form but the hunt and eating should help give you a boost in energy.

In becoming a lycan there are a few other changes. In your human form, your senses get better, you can move quicker than humans, and you will heal better than humans will. Side effect of this is that medicine doesn't work on you, your quicker metabolism goes through it too quickly. Also silver is your natural weakness. You heal human slow when injuries are caused by silver. And flame is another deterant. If your flesh is burned then it must be cut away for you to be able to heal.

Physical Abilities

Your basic human senses all become better. Not to the point that they are when you are in your animal form but better than any regular human. Strength is another thing. Bench pressing a car? Not a problem anymore. Running thirty miles and not getting tired and being able to run faster than any human? Also no longer a problem. Why most lycans are not allowed on sports teams. Their blood is also the reason they aren't allowed in doctor jobs. Also if you are injured by silver the wound will be in both human and animal form. Often if you are injured by something not silver in human or animal form than when you shift back the wound will be gone. Even if you lose a limb, after the shift it will be back so long as the weapon wasn't silver.

Ranks of Strength


Shifters and lycans can both reach "Alpha" status. Alphas of both are the strongest of their kinds in both power and often strength and abilities. They may also have the following traits:

  • An Ability to resist transforming on the night of the moon to the last moment, usually used to make sure all their other members have shifted alright.
  • The ability to shift different parts of their body to claws or animal like features.
  • The ability to force others to shift to their animal or human forms or prevent them from shifting.
  • Some lycans and shapeshifters can share their power with others by allowing them to feed on their blood.
  • They can also have the ability to heal others often through blood or kitu CRM iere.


The step below alpha and so the "in-between" on power. They may have these traits:

  • The ability to shift different parts of their body to claws or animal like features.
  • An ability to resist the shift longer than omegas but not as long as alphas


These are the bottom of the food chain. They don't have anything other than the given lycan abilities.

Rule of Thumb

As far as how long one usually is in each rank it goes as follows:

  • Omega: you have been a lycan/shifter for 2-4 years before reaching beta.
  • Beta: you have been a lycan/shifter for 6-8 years before reaching alpha.

Faction Status

There is a group for every species. For instance a group of wolves is a Pack and a group of lions is a Pride. Alphas of the clans form the groups and the number of positions per group varies. Though majority of the clans have second and third in commands as well as guards and teachers. Board number VI in our "Click Me" sideboard shows the clans. They also link to the leaders if there are any and show the current name of the clan if they have been made. Any that have not been claimed are open to being claimed and heck, even if they are claimed you can still try your hand for them. Nothing like a little drama. Though you don't have to be in a clan either. If the group is made and allows rogues than you are able to be a rogue. Though be sure to read the faction rules because if they do not allow rogues than you are in turn not allowed to be one. All members must follow the rules of the factions even if they are rogue. Punishments may be dealt to those that disobey the rules and depending on the severity of the rule breaking or the crime done than death is not out of the question. Never forget, they are after all part animal.

Metaphysical Plane

The beast isn't something that others can see if you aren't in animal form obviously. Well there is something called a Metaphysical Plane where psychics and other lycans are able to see your beast there. That is if you put the beast there. Often this is a sign of lack of harmony between the beast and the human. Those that are born must force their beast to the plane for others to see it. Those that are turned, especially omegas and betas always have their beasts here. But this is also just the link between beast and human. Some will describe it as their beast doing something in their mind. Others will say that their beast smelled something and so the human knew it was there. The beast for instance can smell things like arousal and other things that a body will emit.

Command of Animal

The animal of what the shifter or lycan turn into is often a comfort to them. A wereleopard would be totally comfortable in a pen with leopard animal and even may be accepted and curl up with them to sleep or eat together. But some are able to take it a step further, usually alphas though some stronger betas are able to. They can command their animal and control them to do things. For instance a werelion could tell an animal lion to attack someone or to just stay at the lycan's side. It is all dependent on the one that is using the ability. Their own personal power can partially control that. If they are not strong enough than the animal could resist the command or ignore it all together.

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