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Among the ordinary humans that we meet each day, there are those that are different. They are still considered human though. These select people are grouped into the following terms: gifted, witch/sorcerer, animator/necromancer, or human servant. Below is just a brief overview of each section. For more information, click the links provided.


The Gifted Ones

The -Kinesis's and the Psychics

Those humans in the world that are not witches but poses a psychic or kinesis power. These are those of the human race that have that extra special something to them. Some of these abilities have been present since birth, some gained from traumatic experiences, and others through rigorous training. People with these powers tend to always keep them hidden from others for fear of being used for them, and are often thought to be lower on the food chain in the preternatural world. Most gifted humans are mentally fragile and are often introverted in personality.

Witches and Sorcerers

Magic Folk

These individuals are the spell casting, potion making, magic producing humans. This gift can be genetically passed down to the next generation as it is often a blessing or a curse among the family line. Although not much is known about witches and sorcerers in the Anitaverse, we have added quite a bit to them. Be sure to check them out!

Animators and Necromancers

Zombie Kings and Queens

Ever wanted to raise a zombie and be able to control it? Then this is definitely your calling. Although all necromancers are animators, all animators are not necromancers. 

Human Servants

Vampire's Slave

Although they are still human, these are any of the above (ordinary, gifted, witch/sorcerer, or animator/necromancer) that have taken to becoming one with a vampire. Essentially, with this bond, the vampire can experience certain things through their human. For example, vampires cannot eat or drink; however, when their human eats/drinks, they feel the same sensation.

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